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Keep N.M. Tax Dollar Spending In-State

"We applaud Keller for listening to and working with a wide variety of local businesses and organized labor."

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Richard Romero, Former State Senator and Pro Tem
“We are so fortunate to have a true Democrat like Tim to the Roundhouse. I know where Tim stands—he's ethical and competent.”
Rey Garduo, Albuquerque City Councilor, District 6
"Tim has led the charge to bring much needed jobs and economic investment to the SE Heights".
Jerry Ortiz y Pino, State Senate, District 12
“I work with him up at the Legislature to pass bills that help those who need it most—our children and families.”
Sierra Club
"Tim is endorsed by Sierra Club".
Albuquerque Teachers Federation
"Tim is endorsed by Albuquerque Teachers Federation"
"Tim is endorsed by AFL/CIO"
HISPANO Round table de Nuevo mexico
"Tim is endorsed by HISPANO Round table de Nuevo mexico"
Albuquerque Area Firefighters Local 244
"Tim is endorsed by Albuquerque Area Firefighters Local 244 "
Todos Para Tim Steering Committee
Charlie Bennett, Dem. Party Ward Chair SE Heights
Enrique Cardiel, South San Pedro Neighborhood Leader
Joanne Landry, Trumbull Neighborhood Association President
Dr. Javier Aceves, MD Young Children's Health Center
Nancy Bearce, District 6 Neighborhood Coalition President
Idalia Lechuga-Tena, La Mesa Neighborhood Leader
Victor Limary, Talin Market
Mary Ellen Broderick, Democracy For New Mexico
Arturo Sandoval, VOCES Inc.
Debra Haaland, At Large DNC Delegate
Danny Hernandez, Chairman of AMAFCA
Joseph Garcia
Hwa soon "Sue" Thorson
Reyna Juarez
Mr. Bobbie Nobles
Javier Benavidez
Cristy Carbon Gaul
Shannon Bacon
Chris Chavez
Tikie Hodges
Mario Benavidez
John Fitzpatrick
Rachel Lazar
Alisha Ruiz
Clara Holguin
Eleanor Estrada Dr. Adelamar "Dely" Alcantara
Teckkiam "Chhor" Chang
Ligaya White
Dr. Javier Aceves, MD, SE Heights Young Children's Health Center
"We need a comprehensive new approach to understanding and structuring healthcare. Tim offers a fresh and exciting perspective, placing the needs of the community first."
Albuquerque Journal Editorial
"the State Investment Council legislation Richardson signed is a good step and credit is due. It should go to Sen. Tim Keller, D-Albuquerque, who wrote and sponsored the bill."
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Albuquerque Journal Editorial
"State Sen. Tim Keller is trying to tighten requirements for in-state preference for bids on public contracts. Why? Because right now they are pretty much a sham."
Contact Details: In state preference should be just that
Fixing Contractor Law A Good Move for N.M.

Fixing Contractor Law A Good Move for N.M.

The Legislature has an opportunity to boost the local economy by more clearly defining just what it takes to be a New Mexico contractor.
Senate Bill 19, sponsored by Sen. Tim Keller, D-Albuquerque, and Rep. Larry Larraaga, R-Albuquerque, would tighten rules in state law that give local contractors a 5 percent advantage when bidding on public projects. As currently written and implemented it's a breeze to qualify as an in-state bidder. All it takes is little more than $500, a local address and about a month's worth of time. In the past 18 months about $241 million to $500 million in public projects went to companies that arguably aren't New Mexico firms.
The bill, modeled after a similar Nevada law, would more clearly define who qualifies as a resident contractor eligible for state preference. It would require a business to be established in New Mexico and paying state taxes for at least five years; require an affidavit from a certified public accountant verifying those elements among others; and require a resident contractor to have paid unemployment taxes on at least three full-time employees who live in the state and have at least one vehicle registered with the state. The bill also outlines how entrepreneurs and businesses relocating to the state may qualify.
It also establishes consequences for providing false information on documents to qualify as an in-state company. Penalties include being rendered ineligible for preference for five years and being fined up to $50,000 for each violation.
The bill is backed by the local building community, which in this tough economic climate has seen out-of-state companies snag contracts for big public projects.
The Legislature should vote to keep construction jobs and taxpayer money working at home where it can benefit all of New Mexico's economy by adopting a new, and fair, set of ground rules.

Read more: ABQJOURNAL OPINION/EDITORIALS: Fixing Contractor Law A Good Move for N.M.
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Albuquerque Journal
State Senate Picks

DISTRICT 17, Tim Keller: A short stint in the world of finance was enough to put Keller on the road to more rewarding work: putting land-mine victims and other disadvantaged people to work doing data entry — high-paying jobs for Cambodia.
That experience leaves him wondering why more enterprise couldn't be nurtured in his neglected district. Keller would be committed to bringing more of the benefits of economic development to the Southeast Heights. The capital outlay money allocated to the area's senator should stay within the district and be directed to its most pressing needs, he says.
A district with a high dropout rate needs a strong leader who can advocate for a Manhattan Project-level effort to improve education; one obvious step would be longer school years, Keller says.
He is a graduate of St. Pius X, Notre Dame and the Harvard business school and has served the Democratic Party as a ward chair.
District 17 Democrats should vote for Tim Keller.
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Nancy Bearce, District 6 Neighborhood Coalition President
“Tim is breath of fresh air! He fights for our diverse community and neighborhoods. He is the sort of change we needed!”
Tim endorsed by
All Indian Pueblo Council
National Educational Association, New Mexico
New Mexico Professional Fire Fighters Association
Conservation Voters New Mexico
Democracy for New Mexico
Albuquerque Journal
Alibi Weekly
BikeABQ/NM Cycling
Animal Protection New Mexico
Democracy for New Mexico
New Mexico Progressive Action
New mexico Building trades
Sierra Club
Conservation Voters NM
Hispanic Roundtable
Carpenters union of new mexico
Albuquerque Journal