Government Transparency and Reform
Government Transparency and Reform

The cornerstones of good government are transparency, accountability and responsiveness.   Our state has been plagued by scandal and bloat, and continues to underfund basic services.  

We must tackle 'pay to play' in three key areas: state procurement code, campaign finance and patronage.   I have carried legislation on these topics and will continue to fight against the status quo of favoritism.  New Mexico also allows individual agencies to establish their own rules for regulations. I support the uniform administrative procedures act, which would make sure that we are all treated equally when it comes to government permitting and regulation.

For the past two sessions I have passed the "Program Accountability Act" unanimously; only to have it vetoed by Governor's who have chosen "executive privilege" over government effectiveness. 

In terms of responsiveness: while the number of political appointees has soared in the last 10 years, from 27 to 400+, we continue underfund basic services like Medicaid, education and workforce support.  I fully support efforts to combine agencies, reduce overlap and increase coordination in state government.

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