Whether you believe cracking down on illegal immigration or supporting illegal immigrants, we can agree on two things: 1) the current system is broken and 2) the root causes are drugs and jobs.

Like all Americans, (other than Native Americans,) my family came to America as "illegal immigrants" and was quickly enrolled in the Civil War to fight for the Union because they were not allowed get jobs due to anti-Irish discrimination laws.   Indeed, New Mexico's own history starts with Spanish immigration to the New World, then Anglo immigration to the "wild west."  Today my district, the international district represents the most diverse neighborhood in our state because of immigration. The US state department has been relocating immigrants from Africa, Asia and Latin America for over 30 years here.   

Any economist will tell you that economic benefit if immigration is critical to any growing economy.   The only way we will ever solve the immigration challenge is to:
1)  create good sustainable jobs at every level in our country and in Mexico
2)  reduce the demand for drugs that feeds immigration violence and crime
3)  have a border and US state department immigration system that works, an effective visa processing administration, quota system, and secure entry points so that we can effectively manage our borders
4) acknowledge that immigrants are critical to both the American economy and to community policing.  Without immigrant involvement in public safety, there is no way for crime fighters to capture criminals. To be part of the American experience, immigrants must be able to integrate into society through our schools and community supports.
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