Capital Outlay
Capital Outlay
Santa Fe, NM – “I am proud to return these monies to the Southeast Heights Community, our schools and projects important to our district.These reauthorized funds will help fill the gap left by our budget shortfall and initiate revitalization efforts in the neighborhoods.Each on of these investments came directly from constituents and in cooperation with Albuquerque Public Schools,” said Senator Timothy M. Keller (D-Bernalillo-17), sponsor of several capital outlay reauthorizations.
“I have worked diligently with local elected officials, neighbor leaders and APS to re-allocate roughly $1,000,000 of funds previously spent by the old senator that were either of tangential importance to our community, earmarked for special projects outside our district, no longer feasible or irresponsible,” Senator Keller concluded.Traditionally, capital outlay funds are used for community projects, schools, roads in legislator’s respective districts and other projects the legislator deems important.However, upon investigation of historical District 17 capital outlay, approximately $1,057,000 was deemed not in line with community priorities.Included in the funds shifted to public schools in Senator Keller’s district was over half a million ($656,000) previously allocated to rugby field concession stand in Santa Fe.
Projects funded by Senator Keller’s reauthorization include: a Kindergarten building at Emerson Elementary; playground and patio equipment at Hawthorne Elementary; library books at Highland High school, La Mesa, Tomasita and Manzano Mesa Elementary; a sports field at Wherry Elementary; alley improvements and lighting in Trumbull; Elder Homestead and South San Pedro neighborhoods; NM Veterans Integration Center; the East Central Gateway Revitalization Plan and an International District Early Childhood Development Center.
Community Comments
“East Central Redevelopment is a goal that is important to all who live, work or own businesses in the area.It is great that Senator Keller is working with City leaders in a collaborative fashion to help find real solutions, for the benefit of everyone,” noted Don Harris (Councilor District 9).
Rey Garduno (Councilor District 6) added, "the southeast heights is fortunate to have a very productive partnership between city, state and county.Senator Keller's efforts to coordinate state funds will help kick start some of our revitalization efforts, something this vibrant part of the city needs.”
Joseph Escobedo, APS Government Relations, commented, “Senator Keller has a commitment to education and improving education for all students. He worked hard at ensuring that as many appropriations as possible went to education facilities. We look forward to continue to work with him to continue to improve lives of kids in our community.”
2010 Update

Senator Keller fought for $2 million dollars in funds for investment in community impact improvements (fly reduction, odor control) at the state fair grounds. Funds were used for new retention wall, drainage and muck pits in 2010.